It is 6:11 right now.
The cool breeze yet blows here.
I feel joy when I see clear
blue sky in front of which
the black birds are circling around.


I hear the hoot
and the rush of the train
and motorcycle speedily shoot
to reach its destination on time.  
The rider, for sure, is trying to prevent any complaints
of his boss at his workplace.

I hear the birds tweet now.
It is 6:15.
As everyday, I see the uncle on the wheelchair
who have come outside to inhale the fresh air
early in the morning.

I see an old couple walking
together on the other half of the society.
I have been lately
seeing an old couple
walk together daily.

Like yesterday, I see a young couple
who came out to walk together too.
I hear the flip-flop of the slippers
of a girl-like lady passing through.

Though it is 6:21 am
and people have started coming
out of their homes,
yet the peace and chirping
of the birds around me
and cold breeze
yet remain intact.

Some children,
who I usually spot in the evening,
came out today on 6:20 am
to practice their habit of cycling.

When I will return home
after I am done with
the morning walk for today,
I have to rehearse
my music lessons
as they are kept pending
for today’s class
and fulfill my duty
as a student.
Goodbye for now.
We may meet tomorrow.


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