It is 5:55 am.
The cool breeze blows opposite me as I keep walking.
I can hear the sound of the blower of the AC.
Many people are yet fast asleep.
Some are waking up as the yellow sun beams brighten up their homes and shine upon their eyes.
Dogs are barking somewhere  far outside the gate.
5:59 turns to 6:00 when the bird chirps loudly today for the first time.
I think there is a parrot somewhere near
or is it a parakeet
because parrot’s chirp is always loud and clear.
Motorcycles race on the road outside.
I hear car tires too.
It seems people have left for their destination.

A child races the circle
inside the boundaries of the society.
A worker cleans the cars
for he is hired to perform this duty.

A car enters.
Maybe someone has returned home
after completing a whole night’s work.
A dog, as everyday, returns to his friends.
Another joins in.

I see an old couple.
Maybe, they are out for today’s  morning walk together.
I see the black dog,
lying on the ground as usual.
I hear the sound of slippers
as I walk past,
I turn to see the source.
An uncle stand near the car, wearing a red shirt.

I can still hear the low chirping of the birds
in the everyday chaos that is emerging slowly.
I spot the construction workers again.
I see a dog looking at me
from a distance.  
I get scared
yet keep moving forward
and walk past him without harm.
I conquered my minor fear even today
like everyday.
I hear the loud motor of the motorcycle
running on the road
and the whistle of the cooker,
in which something must be cooking, 
both at the same time.

The noise of the vehicles
has become common now.
I can still hear,
the chirping of the birds. 
I am sure, by the time it turns 7:00,
it will become partially or completely inaudible.
I turn off all my alarms like everyday.
Right now, I am not even murmuring
because I solely want to hear
what is happening in the nature.

It is 6:20 am.
Work has started now
as I heard the shriek of
the metal door unlocking
just now.
I think I have no more to say
for today
except that noticing
the happenings
in nature,
I can only exclaim ‘wow’.


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