We are living in a world of non-renewable resources. Even the renewable energy and resources are turning non-renewable. There is enough on this Earth for everyone. The distribution, and not the availability, is the main issue. 


We use air conditioners 24*7 to enjoy the cool air, not realising that it amounts largely to the increase of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the air which are contaminating the air. If you step out of your home early in the morning or in evening everyday, you will realise that a stroll around the natural habitat, in the cool environment cools down our body and mind naturally which reduces, if not eliminates, the need to consume non-renewable energy recklessly and excessively.

Comfort hinders growth as it prevents us from striving hard to use the best of our capabilities. We follow a mentality that ‘if we can do without striving, why should we strive?’ It can be in the case of a job, a relationship, a place or even a habit. 

Comfort interestingly makes us skeptical to change while it is the cause of a lot of changes too. Many technological innovations promise and provide us comfort where we forget that we are harming the planet and hence, we are harming our sustainability as well. Comfort almost always negates the idea of sustainable development. 

Comfort prevents us from taking a risk. Something great might be awaiting us but we are dubious to step ahead because we know we need to leave our comfort zone. It makes us susceptible to diseases. Have you ever noticed how much of fast and unhealthy food do you consume which weakens your immune system? Comfort is toxic. It is the slow poison that is eating up the life expectancy of all that is living—human, animals, creatures, nature and this planet. Of many bad habits that at least I am striving to leave behind is the habit to seek such comfort that does more harm than good, which gives satisfaction and pleasure for a moment but ruins the centuries ahead. 

Comfort is Toxic

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