Hold your horses. Calm yourself down. Don’t run in the rat race. Look at the nature. It doesn’t rush anything. It teaches us that everything has a time. Sync with the nature. You will realise that you are always on time.


You may not have realised that the achievement of something doesn’t excite us but the process.
Haven’t you heard of the saying, “what comes easy doesn’t last”? The strive makes the prize worthy and respected. 

I look at the grass, the herbs, the shrubs and the trees around me. I see taller trees standing afar. But does it make the growth of the grass insignificant? Does it not contribute as a significant part of nature, playing its own role which goes unnoticed? Are the shrubs lagging behind in their growth than the trees?

The pigeons fly as I keep walking and approach them. I am sure that not all of them would have identified my footsteps instantly and flew away immediately. Some might have been slower than others. Does it make them insignificant?

I see the uncle who is trying to walk independently strive again today. I am thankful to have the capacity to walk properly and independently. This doesn’t make the uncle’s progress and efforts any less significant.

I see many older people getting aware and conscious about their good health, meditation, positive thinking in their old age. I have become aware about them now and have started working towards them (though slowly). Does this make me progressive than them?

Some people, like my parents, had started working on their good health before me. My mother has been constantly manifesting her good health since past two years. Does it make me regressive?

I can only conclude from this that we can achieve anything at any point of time in our lives. You can never be late to learn or start afresh. You have these opportunities to start over and manifest your desires until you are breathing. When you feel that you are lagging behind, look around and understand that ever is running a different individual race. Don’t rush in the rat race. Strive to be better and try to manifest your desires. Work for them but don’t try to rush because no matter how hard you try, you will receive everything when you are supposed to. There is no other way.

Give It Time

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