I have been hearing directly or indirectly as an advice from people in the times of hardships or otherwise that we should ‘fake it till we make it.’ In fact, in my Music rehearsals, my guides used to teach me and the other performers this advice as a lesson to practice not just on stage but in life as well. They are not to be blamed. They are taught the same by their teachers. You cannot spot the beginner of the legacy but it is just that their culture at the time promoted such beliefs. Since I had encountered this environment since my early childhood, I unconsciously imbibed this false advice in my behavior. 


It wasn’t until I grew up and learnt from my hardships as a teenage that this is a garbage advice. This is what I learnt by practicing this advice. Instead of faking your emotions, purge them out.  Face your fears. Evaluate its cause. If that is healthy, it helps you grow, keep practicing it. This will make you self-conscious. It will enhance your awareness about yourself. You will be able to regulate your emotions which will make you a mentally and emotionally healthy individual. It will help you in honing your skills and encourage you to strive to bring out the best in you.

Facing your fears will let you free. Faking your fears will cage your mind. Faking your fears will make you hollow from inside. Facing your fears wil make you feel complete in yourself. Facing your fears will provide you true strength. Faking your fear will lead you to self-doubt. Facing your fear will lead you to self- love. Faking your fear will give you feeling of deficiency but facing your fear will lead you to self-sufficiency. You will make it anyhow but the choice about which path to travel is yours— to face it or to fake it? Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination which is the end. 

Face Your Fears

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