I can see white detached from the blue dye.
As I see above, I witness
cotton spread on the sky.


The shades mix up as white blue on the horizon
The birds fly through
enlivening its hue
Circling and perching on the rooftops
of the towers standing high
which seem as if they touch the sky
Maybe, it gives them comfort to
converse with the mates soaring high
The clouds stand there
but the birds move

One among them passes by
from near my eye
soaring through its wings
I see the clock turn 5:55
to 5:56

Look there
a flock of birds fly together
crossing one aerial path to reach another

The dog which was asleep
now awakes
but lies on the cold ground
Maybe, even he knows
that this is only time he won’t have to face the scorching heat

Many flocks of birds soar in various directions at the same time
The clock has struck six
I hear a bird chirp
and a dog bark
loud enough to be heard in this peaceful silence
I can hear the feats of the people walking
and the sound of the rolling of the wheels of the wheelchair

A dog walk past me to rejoin his group of friends
A healthy and fit old man walks ahead of me
he is silent
yet he spreads his optimistic energy around him

I see another old man walk contemplating
A woman with earphones plugged in
walk past me in the opposite direction

I look above on the sky
on the white surface
I can still see the birds fly
I spot another pattern of numbers
on the number plates of the cars parked

Yet more people come in my sight
stepping out of their houses
as now, it is daylight
I keep walking round the society as before
The air touches my body
the sweat makes me feel cool

I see seven dogs lying together
of different colors
as I write, a dog suddenly appears in front of me
I am shocked in the frenzy
and he gets shocked reacting to me
I recall how
such incidents always trigger
my fear
of dogs.

I look up again
and see white light shining through
the outline of the grey clouds
on the blue sky
some birds fly from in front of it again
There was a crow sitting on the wire
of the transformer outside the boundary of my society
As I see it, I flies away

As I note this down,
I smell smoke
and familiar unexplainable smell
It reminds me of my father’s village
It is carried with me as I walk ahead
I hear the train hoot as it rushes on the railway track
near my place of livelihood

Vehicles have started moving now
making the road busy
The guard of that exit gate looks at me
Maybe, he is wondering
what am I writing
since I have started walking
to catch up with my good health today.

The cotton on the sky
still spreads over the rotation
This is the only scene I can’t see move
or change apart from the trees

I smell the familiar smoke again
but this time I can also see
past the boundaries of my society
on the under construction building in front of me
the man who was cooking the day before yesterday
on one of its unconstructed balconies
was now washing utensils

Maybe, I heard the sparrows now.
I can smell something electric burn
the lady walking beside me didn’t respond to it, though
The chirps increase now
maybe, the birds are having a meeting
Aha! I hear the cuckoo sing
It proves to be
a cherry
on the cake
In this silence that spreads over my society
where there is rarely any sound
except the birds chirping
I feel inner peace.
Meanwhile, I lost the count
of the rounds
that I walked around
my society.
Now, though, I can still see the cotton in the sky
that has maintained its pattern
and visibility in the bright light
of the rising sun.

Cotton On The Sky

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