At times, we think we are traveling on the right path but a moment comes when we realise that we were wrong all along. We know that we cannot move forward on the wrong path and have to start all over again.


In the moment, our obvious reaction would be to get exhausted and disappointed. But, can we shift our perspective a bit? Is it a loss of our time and effort or a new opportunity to correct ourselves and move ahead?

May you believe it or not, you cannot correct yourself until you realise that you made a mistake and through applying the same techniques that proved you wrong. Before that, you need to accept that you are allowed to make mistakes. Acceptance and forgiveness are acts of bravery which we should start practicing with ourselves.  Leave the obsession of perfectionism behind.

You can never learn until you correct your mistakes. You may have noticed that a lesson that you were taught in school or college where you grasped it immediately during the lecture seemed impossible to recall during exams or when you studied it later on your own. On the other hand, when you learnt a lesson with difficulties, you focused on each step which brought you till the point of perfection and therefore, you memorised the lesson for life. 

Learning, therefore, requires and demands courage. You need to have the courage to face your problem. If you are unable to solve the problem, you need to have the courage to accept that you are lacking the ability to instantly comprehend and solve the problem. You don’t need to be sad to accept your mistake. Be courageous. Make mistakes, correct and memorise them to not repeat it later and learn from them. After all, mistakes are our guides to perfection. 

Guide to perfection


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