Let me be your mermaid. 

Let me touch your soul. 

I am not interested 

only in your body but you as a whole. 


Let me transform 

your negative to positive. 

Let me share my love. 

Let me admire and cherish your beauty. 


Let me dive deep

into the chamber of your heart. 

Let me illuminate and ignite

all that is buried and hidden in the dark. 


Don’t be deceived 

by my simple appearance. 

It will never get you close to 

this mermaid’s physical, emotional, spiritual strength.


I am, indeed, naive

to what is ahead of me

but I have learnt my lessons. 

I have a lot of experience. 

I had to fight against the challenges 

life had thrown at me. 


I will make you aware 

of the challenges ahead

that are ready to break you down. 

I will help you keep up your crown.  


You, my merman, come to me

as you will never find peace

as long as our spirits feel that we are apart

because we are meant to be

together right from the start. 





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