The gut feeling, the inner guidance or whatever you may call it, you always regret whenever you avoid the inner call of your intuition. Our bodies are strangely magical. They catch energies and synchronicities without the conscious realisation of the mind. 


Intuition is a savior in small or big incidents. We get an intuition that today is going to rain, at times the eyes might not even evidence it, yet if we leave without precautions, it rains and we regret later. 

These are the small instances which don’t really affect our life majorly. Sometimes, though, if we trust our intuition about certain situation, place or person, we often find our assumptions turn out to be true. Trusting our intuition can save us from a lot of danger to our mind, soul and body. Not trusting your intuition can really put you into trouble. 

I can provide examples when my intuition about people saved me and my family from a lot of stress that we would have to bear later. My cousin took me to meet a jobless man that everyone in my family who met him agreed to marry my sister too. The match was almost fixed when I, my mother and my sister went to meet him. I couldn’t tell rationally but no matter how hard he tried to convince me, I only realised that he was stuck with my family because of money and because my sister was a good catch as she earned enough to support her household. I couldn’t explain exactly to my elders but persisted to resist the match and my family was convinced not to match my sister with that man. 

Another cousin sister of mine was in a relationship for several years but I knew that they won’t end up together as my intuition said so. I could see no charm or excitement in either of the parties towards another. The boy was insecure and skeptic which gave my sister no peace or joy. It was like a burden they were carrying and at last, it was called off. 

I was in a relationship when I got into my first relationship. It was never in my life plan and I was anxious from the beginning till the end. While I was in the relationship, I never felt like I had a romantic commitment. It was much like being single with just a tag of being committed. It turned out that he was just a narcissist. When I refused to give in to his needs and desires, he called the association off altogether, gaslighting me to save himself from guilt and blame. 

Now, I have been talking to another guy since 8 months and I can’t explain but I just know that he will eventually marry me. You might find this statement stupid because we are not into any commitment as yet and I am expressing my certainty about long-term commitment like marriage but I just know that we are literally made for each other and it is really necessary for us to unite to serve our life purpose on this Earth. 

So, the next time your intuition tells you something, listen, understand and act upon it. Don’t brush it off saying that it is nothing or that your body is reacting in a strange manner on its own. Reflect and comprehend—your body and the senses it holds never lies. You can’t trust people. You can’t trust what you see by your eyes but you can trust your intuition because intuition never lies.

Intuition Never Lies

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