I fell for you all over again. Lately, since you were not talking to me in any way, I thought that maybe you have lost interest in me and I should accept it and move ahead with me and my life.


But whatever may I think, now it is impossible to leave you altogether and live my life without a thought of you in the back of my head. I cannot forget the already established fact that we are actually embodied to complete each other’s purpose on this earth in this life and hence, even if you will be on the North Pole and I will be on the South Pole, this universe will pull us to tie us with each other.

This fact doesn’t really matter with what I was initially saying. Your inaction may have made me lose interest in this painful but beautiful connection altogether yet I can’t resist surfing through my phone to catch a glimpse of you. If I don’t do that, you come in my dreams.

I wish that you keep speaking to me and I will just look into your eyes and admire your inner and outer beauty watching you speak. You are my 11:11 wish. I have asked for you from the universe countless times unknowingly. 

Just lay your head down on my lap. I will caress your hair. I will give a kiss of love on your forehead. Sleep there as I see tranquility spread over your innocent baby face. Forget all your worries for a while. Feel my love only.  

I will protect you from all the unnecessary traumas and conflicts but not the ones that are necessary for you to strive and grow. I will push you to realise and accept whatever is toxic for you and encourage you to clear all of it yourself. I will help you grow. I fell for you and would love to fall in love with you and your flaws repeatedly but I will not let you fall. Don’t worry, you have my back. 

Love Cycle

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