I think everyday that global warming is increasing. This earth is depleting. I try to not turn on the A.C. but cannot bear the heat without it.


When I was 10, the sun didn’t prick us with its scorching heat before 12 but nowadays we get inside our homes before 7 to prevent ourselves from getting sunburnt.

I usually don’t travel by a motor vehicle but walk till my college from the nearest metro station or take the hand rickshaw. In both the cases, I don’t even realise but I contribute in reducing the consumption of a lot of energy and production of a lot of heat.

We cannot do much but to reduce the use of air conditioners, we can clean our fans daily, sprinkle water on the floors and cover the windows with curtains but keep them open enough for cross-ventilation.

The whole family can go out together on a venture every evening for at least an hour in a day. This will reduce the consumption of energy and generation of CO2 to a lot extent if all or majority of the families in the world start doing this.

I switch off the lights whenever they are not in use. If you can go to a beach to get tanned, I assume you may not mind studying under the natural sunlight. It doesn’t harm the eyesight at all.

Also, if we hydrate ourselves enough and will feel cool from inside, we will not feel like switching the A.C. on except once in a day.

Clean all the big and tiny spaces in your home to reduce the dust. The lesser the amount of dust will be, the lesser heat will you feel. 

On a bigger front, on festivals or celebrations, we should stop bursting big or small crackers or else all the efforts to reduce the emission of CO2 will be wasted. 

This is our Earth, our lives. We are humans. Even if we are being selfish, we will work together to save the planet and ourselves. We will prove another prophecy of the world ending in 2020 wrong and this time, we will work to prove all the prophecies till eternity wrong about the depletion of our planet. 

We Are Melting

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