The urban educated bourgeois of India has to suffer the most. Many of their facilities are snatched to attract the votes of the poor by the parties and to impress the bribing rich class. There would be a time within a decade when India will witness a revolt of the bourgeois due to the suppression increasing on them day-by-day.

The poor,  when they face an issue, are highlighted and supported by the media. If the police and the politicians don’t even believe in supporting them, they have to so that they can gain their sympathy and votes. The rich don’t have to face any problems. They utter the problem and it is solved. Everybody knows how that happens or do I need to elaborate.

The third party, the emerged class—middle class—if addresses an issue, has to face many more rounds of the police station, has to take leave from the important work at office and is unable to sit peacefully at a place. He cannot get the work done by the economic support because he struggles in preventing himself from becoming poor in the desire of becoming rich.

The system and especially the government, sucks a that they can from the middle class and throws it over at the other extremes of society to remain in power. The bourgeoisie lives in a mirage of being powerful due to the ability of choosing a leader through voting. Slowly, the bourgeoisie is awakening and is realising all the truth of his life. It is increasing as the population is. There is a need of revolution but the system has already sucked everything —even our zeal. Maybe, the bourgeoisie will leave the country or something else will happen but this process of sucking the hardwork of middle class and feeding it to the ‘disadvantaged’ (as the respected politicians portray them to be and they happily accept it as a reality) for free and destroying the nation bit-by-bit will never stop.

The Bourgeois Revolution

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