Don’t frustrate me. I don’t want your signals. I don’t want to and would not interpret any signs now and definitely would not be happy. Just come and say whatever messages you are sending to me through the various methods which are delivered by the universe to me.


I want you to come and tell me whatever you feel right now. You are feeling pain. I am feeling that too. Now, I understand why I cry getting up at night which I cannot find a reason to. It is not just about such incidents that have happened after I met you but before. I am tired of keeping faith. 

Haven’t you heard that ‘communication is the key?’ I am really exhausted now. All my energy and zeal towards the favorable outcome of this association  has been sucked by waiting for you and the silence I receive because of your inaction. If you really believe right now that you have to be with me and that it is our destiny that we will be together, then please communicate. It has been long since I heard your voice or saw your face. It has only been two months since we met physically but I haven’t heard from you and seen your face since. If you cannot come now or forever, stop sending any signals to me. Just tell me once that you will never come to me and that I should leave and end this wait once and for all. 

Speak Up


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