People think relationships and marriage are roads with roses spread all over but they forget that roses have thorns too. The good times and positivity in a commitment is the rose and the struggle and pain are the thorns. In this sense, they are indeed roads full of roses. There surely is trust but innate fear develops jealousy which lurks within the heart of one of the partners always. If it doesn’t, none care if the other leaves and both are just fulfilling their duties as partners because they are in a declared commitment. It is mundane and routinely with no emotions involved most of the times. But according to me, relationships succeed due to empathy and perseverance. 


You will not love your partner at all times but at least, you can try to understand them. Empathy doesn’t harm anyone. Practice it. If you have a problem with the other person, which you certainly will have at one point or the other because no one is born as a perfect human being, just communicate. The partners who are receiving complaints should pay attention, try to comprehend whether the complaints are true and if they feel likewise, should try to bring some positive changes in themselves.

Relationships are not a competition or a race to win. They require team work. At times, when you seek undivided attention and desire to be showered with love by your partner, your partner might be stressed and stuck in between fulfilling other important commitments of their life. They might even feel that they are not good or efficient enough to earn love or success. Time is changing and so are we to keep up with it and this new evolution has posed new challenges and more stress due to the increased competition.

It is indeed true that a healthy relationship needs to be 50-50 most of the times but remember that we are humans and humans are not perfect. Don’t go out of your way all or most of the times but give your best. That is the only healthy thing you can practically do for both of you. Every situation poses a problem but remember, if you approach it with optimism, you will find its key and  unlock your problem. Every relationship goes through many phases. When you think that there is love in your relationship yet it seems to be ending but it can still work out for the good of both of you, have faith that a new beginning is awaiting you. 

Roads Full Of Roses

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