There are some questions with me

which I am seeking answers to. 

Answer me if you have them with you. 

Some days I feel

so unlovable

that I start to wonder

why would you even like me?


Why would you even consider

to lend a thought for a moment

about talking to me? 

How can it be possible 

that we match with each other?


We are polar to each other

yet I feel innately

that no matter wherever we go

or how many times we separate, 

we may rotate around the world

but in the end we would meet

at the same place

and travel further in our journey together

because it always happens so. 


I think that we will spend our lives

creating memories and sharing secrets. 

We would be each other’s confidantes. 

We are a reflection of each other. 


I try really hard

to not think like

but when I wonder that

how positive, beautiful 

and talented you are, 

a thought crosses my mind

that as you say 

but not show because 

you are a tough boy, 

am I really cute? 

Do you really like me? 

How can it be even possible? 

Is it a dream or a reality? 

I pass my whole day thinking about you. 





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