Whatever we get free of cost, we never value it. We are not even thankful for it. We just presume that it is our right to enjoy everything free of cost. If we visit a place and eat for free everyday, we never really value the effort that the chefs and cooks have put in to prepare it.


Let us not go too far. Let us start with the free basic necessities provided to us. The condition of the air we breathe is depleting every day because no one realises that we need to reduce global warming and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. We have to, even if we don’t want to, switch on the AC to feel relaxed and sleep peacefully which releases harmful gases in air and pollute it. We also smoke in the name of fashion and id (as Freud suggested) and think that we haven’t done anything wrong since the only major harm has to be borne by us. Nature? How will the smoke emitted by one cigarette affect the environment? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Moreover, my body, my choice, isn’t it? Tobacco smoking leads directly to the emission of 2 600 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and about 5 200 000 tonnes of methane but why does it matter? We will not plant trees unless we need paper to roll the tobacco in. Who needs plants when we have tobacco? Moreover, a cigarette costs less than 300 which is cheaper than a metro ride of a month. Fair deal, isn’t it?

Anyone’s free advice is considered a lecture but attending organised and expensive lectures and seminars and advice are considered worthy. We are all guilty of believing this including me.  Walking on feet symbolises lack of resources but riding in a car makes you fashionable. Any person who cares for us is neglected and taken for granted by us till the time comes when we can only regret ignoring them. 

We take our senses such as the abilities to see, hear, talk, comprehend, the intuitions we receive and all the bodily processes that work continuously for granted and don’t really feel thankful for it. I feel thankful for having a good voice and musical and artistic intelligence but apart from that, I don’t remember feeling grateful for all of me and my processes and senses except on special occasions as this. 

I believe it is not tough if we still start feeling gratitude towards the natural things we take for granted, be it life, our loved ones, the liabilities, facilities or opportunities we get or anything else.  We can always start afresh until we are alive. I have learnt this lesson today and will try my best to remember it on all the days of my life ahead. 


Taken For Granted

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