Come back home. 

Come back to me. 

I will open my arms and hold you close.  

You don’t need to worry. 


I asked for you 

when I wasn’t acquainted with love. 

This love is undying and true. 

We are sent for each other from above.


No matter how tough the journey may be

I will not give up on you

and you, too, are not allowed to

leave this journey in between. 


The paths would be tough for sure. 

Who doesn’t has to conquer

shattering challenges to rise and shine?

Just remember, no matter what, 

I am yours and you are mine. 

We are made for each other. 


Cry if you want to. 

I will embrace you in my arms. 

Cleanse your heart through. 

Pour out all the pain in your yarms. 


And then settle and rest.

Be at peace. 

Just release

all the pain and enjoy the best

that is coming. 






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