Our tongue and the cruel words we utter from it make them the sharpest sword in this world. They are the causes of bloom and bliss but also of gloom and depression. They can form a team for you but can also dismantle it and force you remain aloof for forever.


Their usage is an important factor, apart from your actions, that describes your character. They are the cards you play with to present yourself as a winner or a loser in the game of pleasing and gaining love.

I think words are so powerful that if a person had to cut the rocks but couldn’t due to the lack of an axe, his sharp and harsh words could have served the purpose. All the emotions are represented through words, even when not uttered from the mouth. The bruises and bleeding they cause get imprinted on the aggrieved’s soul till their lifetime.

They can shatter someone’s heart  and soul or make them believe in themselves. They make people make or take their lives. They can break someone to pieces or make them love themselves and all. So, choose your words wisely because they are your oral personal diary. 

The Sharpest Sword

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