Seize The Day

Life is short, as they say. 

All we can control is what we do today. 

So, keep your worries at bay. 

Become stress-free and seize the day. 

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Lose Control

Many-a-times and more often than not, we tend to set goals and try to stick to them. Though, strategising is certainly good but we should check after a while whether we are being too controlling. If we find that we are, we should try and learn how to let go of feelings, people and situations.

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The 1-Hour Resolution

At 12:50 pm, my brother entered my room and as always, to annoy me, started pretending as if he was sneaking into my phone. I, obviously, got annoyed because he just cannot avoid passing unnecessary comments as per his habit. He asked me to hand my phone over to him. I refused and shooed him out of my room. But I did another task.

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