I have been in love and it is a beautiful place to be in. I have done stupid things in the name of love but they have a tinge of innocence in them, at least from my side. There is happiness all around. Your cheeks are colored in pink hue.


But, you don’t feel butterflies in your stomach. Rather, they make you feel calm. They don’t appreciate all the wrong you say or do but stop and correct you. They never distance you from the ones you love but become a part of them. You live years of life in those moments. 

They become your first and foremost and your family. They are like the calm and cool breeze near the sea. They give you space to breathe and wings to fly. They can never be jealous of you because they just forget all the worries you see them and happy and you reciprocate all these feelings. 

You experience heartbreak but that is not love. That is treachery and vice that human has learnt from the process of earning a livelihood in the fast-paced world and the money that glitters but is not gold. Love, beloved, is the most beautiful,  peaceful and happiest place to be in. 

A Beautiful Place To Be In


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