I am powerful. Power is not only measured physically. I hold certain powers that mostly do not possess and even if they do, they don’t embrace their powers. 


I hold the power to give, to share, to love unconditionally, to spread awareness and happiness, to connect with one and all. That power is greater than any physical strength.

I hold the power to let go of what is no longer serving my mental peace. I hold the power to change myself and awaken the need to change in other human through my progress or words.

I hold the power to create my destiny, at least in the terms of career. I hold the power to create a new definition of success, not for the others but for me. I hold the power to be better than yesterday. 

I hold the power to try to improve my mental health through meditation and art. I can improve my physical health too. It depends on what do I consider to be improvement in health—getting muscular, losing weight, losing fat, being close to skinny, gaining a glowing skin or a slim body by exercise or something else. 

This is my life. It might not always be in my control. I have faced many situations where I feel like it is all dark with no ray of hope of improvement but I have conquered many fears of mine, the prime being the the fear of darkness and fear of height. I have acknowledged my fear of loneliness and am on a journey to tackle with it fiercely. I am not anyone else. I live my own journeys and conquer my own challenges and this uniqueness makes me powerful.  


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