If you cannot be my peace, leave.

I will hold the door open for you, if you please. 

Let me go and let me be at ease. 

All of the feelings that you had for me

(if you ever had them), release

them all and be free.


Feelings without words 

and words without actions

never culminate into anything. 

If you feel you don’t like me anymore 

or, you feel you can’t handle me, so, 

just tell me honestly

and let me go. 


Because I don’t stay in a place 

where I am not welcomed. 

I never belittle myself 

or compromise with my self-worth. 

If you just have to think 

and not take any action, 

for any decision that you have taken 

or will take in your life, 

if you don’t want to hold any accountability, 

let me go and set me free. 


Association without commitment—

that is not what I signed up for 

or would ever in my life

as this is opposed to the morals

ethical to my personality. 


If you have one night stands to offer

the person you are looking for is not me. 

Understand this and tell me

to leave forever so that I don’t hold the blame

of playing a game 

with your emotions and feelings. 

If you have no intentions

of giving any sort of commitment—

emotional, life or marital—

to me

Tell me to go and set me free. 

Set Me Free

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