So what if doesn’t love you? 

You love yourself. 

He can’t connect to your emotions? 

Don’t think before cutting off all the connections. 


Who doesn’t feed your soul, 

no matter how much he satiates your body

will never be perceived by you as your whole. 

You will live with him with an inner feeling of being incomplete. 


Lust doesn’t last forever. 

Body wears out. 

Then, you feel that you could never

comprehend what it was all about. 


You will live in a dark phase of confusion 

with nobody as your support. 

You will feel all alone with a lack of perception 

and will try to be happy with the memories of the moments spent with them before. 


You may cry 

when have to say goodbye 

for your own good

and come out of the illusion of their lusty ‘I love you’


but see what you gained. 

You saved your future from pain

and uncertainties which could have caused grief. 

Your future will be secure and you will experience relief. 


Don’t be afraid of rejection

or of consequences opposite 

to your expectations. 

Consider them requisite

for your growth and explore new situations. 


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