So, you think that you love me? Ok……..maybe but can you handle the extremes of my anger and deal with my constant indeliberate mood swings? You know I don’t keep smiling 24×7 like I do out of courtesy when I meet you, don’t you?


I have a smiling face and you fell for it. Do you realise there is a lot of pain within me that struggles to gush out and be reflected and be painted throughout that ‘smiling face’ you see and form an opinion from but I have to control it anyhow?

But my eyes show all my pain anyway. Oh, by the way, do you know how to read my eyes? Do you understand how my pupils dilate or expand when I am excited or frustrated? Do you know when I cry out of pain and when in guilt or when I feel extremely thankful that I have no words to express my feelings?

If the answers of all these questions is a constant no, then you don’t even know me and since you can’t really love a person until you know and understand all of his or her versions, I am sorry to reveal it to you but you don’t love me.

You Think That You Love Me?

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