Every time I read or hear
something wrong done to the women,
some part of me breaks inside,
my soul cracks from within.


I cry inside.
My heart shudders from such a news.
It is so much pain I feel when I hear it,
how much pain would it be
what they have to go through
is impossible to assume.

Men and women
two pillars of civilization
have turned against each other
and have become each other’s rivals.
One community is inflicting pain on the other.

Some might say it is because of lack of education.
They don’t know their own autonomy.
They don’t know their functionality.
They don’t how to control urges and sensations.

It is the lack of sex education
that is excluded from the curriculum,
that is associated with shame.
It is a term which nobody calls by its name.

It is nothing to be ashamed of.
We are born with sexual tendencies
but since this is the topic we don’t talk about
and religious texts condemn natural sexual fantasies,
sex, which is necessary to build a kin,
when talked of, is shamed as a sin.

But apart from education, I believe,
one should have self-control.
Self-awareness can give a healthy direction to these fantasies.
It will help in development of mind, body and soul.

Sex is not bad at all.
It is a natural process.
The religions wrongly tell that it is the fall
of mankind. The society condemns brothels.

Nobody talks about the sexual needs
of our body.
Nobody talks or listens openly
about the need of the body to masturbate.
They condemn the ‘shameful new generation’ movies.

Let’s Talk About Sex

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