“Do not beat me. 

I am a man,” said he. 

“That is the reason”, said she,

“Even if you complain, no one will believe.”


“What have I done? 

What is my mistake?”

“You are a man. 

You have no more to make.”


“You are a monster,” he said. 

She mocked cunningly, “I will blame you instead.

How would you prove then

that you are innocent? 

All know that the monsters are always men.”


“By saying that I am a man, 

I inferred that I am a human

Do not whip me, woman. 

Don’t make me suffer.

Don’t give me pain.

Woman, I plead you to act humane.” 


He pleaded to be forgiven 

but she didn’t stop to whip.

This happened so often. 

Such a common occurence.

Nobody who knew had some time to give

a thought to empathize with his suffering. 


One day he closed his eyes forever,

asking for help and pleading for freedom. 

She told whoever 

she witnessed, “he was a monster.” 

Everyone rushed to sympathise her. 




All Men Are Monsters?

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