You are not my better-half. You are a complete person with your own discretion and likings. You are, rather, my better whole. I see my better version in you— the way you strive, your capacity to love innocently despite being hurt, your incapacity to hold vengeance against those who cut you. You are just awesome.


You are my recent inspiration. You inspire me to strive for better. When my spirits go down, they are uplifted by your struggles which motivate me to believe that if I have a good will, I can achieve anything I wish.

You make me feel whole and empowered when you ask me to be totally self-reliant and not keep anyone before me ever in my life, not even you. You make me better not just physically but emotionally and mentally too.

You strive to be better in your career, you goals and dreams every day and remind me of mine. It is because you believe that I will surely achieve my goal I gain self-confidence. You are making me better and making me feel whole. I see my brighter spirit, that I would possess in future, in you. You are the ideal which I would like to achieve. You are my better whole.

Better Whole


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