Though I talk about the truth and focus on reality, I love a life like a mirage. You may say that it is false but at least I am happy in that world. There is no stress and even if there is, it only provides me with mystery, excitement and pleasure. There is hope for something good. That is the reason I take a lot of time when I read a book or a novel. I do not just read it but am engrossed in it to the extent that I forget to eat and sleep.


That is why I love art of all sorts. It provides me with an escape from the harsh reality. I am introduced to a new society which gives me an enhanced perspective of my own. Art is life and life is a mirage. Art is a mirage and a mirage is adventure. I love adventures. 

This life is a mirage. You think you love something and will feel complete if you attain it but at times, when you reach there and are rewarded by your accomplishment, you feel like this was not your ultimate aim. You doubt yourself and try to force yourself to feel happy for a moment because for years, you had believed that this moment will encapture all your life within.

You educate yourself by attending schools and colleges to attain a lot of respect but do you really get it for who you are or what you have gained? Do you even become a better person? Does your degree and certificate or even the knowledge you had gained from the books you studies in school ever get applied in real life? Is education system a mirage? If it is, then, what is life? 


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