Hey, beloved! I am awaiting to start a fresh journey with you but before that, I want to give seven vows to you that I will adhere to, no matter what because being selfish, even I would not want you to do otherwise.


First, I will ask for your consent whenever I am in the mood of having an intercourse with you. No matter how much I feel to consummate at that moment, if you are not in the mood and say no, it will not be exercised. You will not have to give any explanation for your refusal. It’s your body, your choice. I am nobody to dictate and rule over you. Intercourse is a loving activity. I would die rather than let this moment be saved in your memory as a trauma that will scar your soul.

Second, I will never ever ask you to put me before the people who you valued the most before there was any trace of my existence in your life, who have seen you grow, who have shaped you as a being. They have shaped you as an individual and been through your journey of life. They will remain as important as they were before. Your bond with them will persist without any alteration regardless of my entry in your life. If they were your priority, they will persist to be the same.

Third, I will not disturb your time alone when you might be contemplating on whatever you wish to. It’s your me-time. You have the right to choose to spend it in whatever way you wish to. If you would like to make me a part of it, I will join you in your joy or whatever you are experiencing but if not, I respect your time alone.

Fourth, I will not coax you to know what is going on in your mind just by the right of being your life companion. It is purely your wish and discretion if you wish to share something with me or not. You are not oblidged to share anything with me except to persist to share your companionship with me if we come in a courtship and furthermore, if it is driven successfully till marriage and beyond. Even if you argue, I will respect you. 

Fifth, I will not ask you to change any of your habits apart from the ones that will harm you and deteriorate your body in the long run like alcohol consumption, being into drugs, smoking and the like. I care for you and anything that has the capacity to destroy you in any way will be unacceptable to me. 

Sixth, I will never intrude in your career choices and decisions and how you operate your work. You know your capabilities better than me. Unless it harms anyone or anything, I will support you in whatever you choose to pursue.

Seventh, I acknowledge the fact that you are an evolving person. You are and will persist to change every moment of your life. If this transformation makes you a better and healthier individual and helps you grow mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually or in every sense, I will accept your evolving being and will try to adopt the positive lessons that you have learnt in your journey and will try to imbibe them in me and bring them into effect in my own journey of growth. We will grow together.

Don’t assume that I would bind myself with these vows until we both agree to come in a relationship or marry each other. I will try to fulfill all these vows persistetly throughout our journey together. I will adhere to them until our eternity.

7 Vows

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