To all the parents, don’t create a monster. Don’t be Victor Frankenstein. Don’t abandon your child or void him or her of love if he or she doesn’t turn out to be as you expected and don’t create them if you not sure of sharing your love with them. For any being void of love becomes a monster. We, the society and the very basic and personal level, you, the parents are the causes behind this consequence.


You might feel happy to see your creation alive and surviving but if you abandon them and make them such, so full of scorn that they are not able to participate in the exchange of love, you better not create them at the first place. Never make them feel that they are your mistake and never, ever fear them no matter how moody or rude they become. Love makes a being rude—either when provided with it in excess or when been void of it.

A being who lacks love and compassion can become void of all other emotions of humanity. You, as a neglecting, unloving parent, fill the child with vengeance. A child, at its birth, knows only and only one emotion—affection. You know that your child demands the most of your care which is undivided and unshared, don’t you? For you, as an adult, if you are not able to cater to this need, it would not make much difference but the child, believe it or not, observes and remembers all of your behaviors towards him or her and contains this memory for the lifetime. If you devoid a life you made of love, don’t expect love and care to be reciprocated. What you sow is what you reap.

If your child turns out to be otherwise your expectations or ‘inhuman’, you are, whether you accept it or you don’t, responsible for them becoming as such. A monster is not born out of himself, you—the parent—Victor Frankenstein—make him.

When you, as a being, love your companion, fear for your closed ones and caution that nobody and nothing should be able to harm them or cause them pain, think how unjust would you do if you keep your children aloof from all or destroy all their connections with the ones they choose to love and lead a life with. For your happiness, your child is even ready to leave you forever and is ready to forgive you only if you let him be happy with his companion. But you, sir, have more mind to consider the opinions of the world about what should you do and not do for your child and adhere to their conventions and present it as an excuse to not let your child be happy. Let me tell you if someone hasn’t been told up till now, you fail as a parent.

You, as a parent, create an angel or a devil. You are the first unit of society a child connects to and learns from. If you abandon your child emotionally or physically, just because the society says that they are not deserved to be loved or because you shower them with so much love that they turned out to be haughty and boastful and turn out to stand against you, you have to realise that somewhere, you only have sown the seeds so now, you would to have to reap the consequences too. A child is innocent. It can never possess monstrous qualities. You are the monster created by the society who creates another by projecting your yearning for love in your child and let them suffer, as you are suffering in immense pain and loneliness to make yourself a part of your society. Here, you possess the power of the God. You have the power to create the personality of another being. Shower love to your child while instructing discipline into him or her. Try to create a balance between the two. Be with him or her when they need you. Don’t create a monster. 



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