When you are in love, you start seeing everything in a different perspective. You glow from within. Everything around you is all good and glory. Every situation, everything reminds you of your beloved. You start fantasising how your families would agree and rejoice to your union and how you would spent your forever together. And only when this love is reciprocated equally and not shadowing your senses to ignore the red signs, is it true love, worthy enough to be carried throughout the journey.


Love is not blind and it doesn’t make you blind as well. Anyone who tells you otherwise either has some false intentions or does not himself or herself know what is true love. Love, instead, awakens your mind, soul and body. You actual resemblance would always make you strive for better and it would not be a thought that you would have to assume. You would not have to ASSUME that since they say that they love you, they must be making you grow in some manner or other. The growth would be evident without them exerting any sense of credit towards it and when you would grow, then only would you realise, after a lot of logical assessment, that they have been significant to your growth.

Contradictory to the popular notion, I don’t believe that if you think and apply your mind, you can never love the other person truly. You should trust but not have blind faith on anyone or anything. If they are able to satisfy your mental doubts and are able to clear all those tests with honesty, only then can you believe that they are good for you and believe in your growth. Don’t trust everyone who says that he or she loves you. Many people have a habit of dancing in masquerades.

If they love your family and help you build healthy bonds with people around you, only then could it be called love. They might get a bit jealous, but just a bit, not so much as to find a way to abuse you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually in the name of justification to their jealous. Where there is love, there can be fights, misunderstandings, no contact for some time as well but never abuse. If their love is true, they will try to be a part of your family and might become more dear than you to them but if it is otherwise, they will tell you how your family is hindering you from growth and happiness and present them as your enemies in front of you and even cause a separation from them. Then, you have no one to go to and they can easily harass you mentally. Such people are often called narcissists and I am telling you, there are more in the world than you can imagine. If they truly love you and your family is not agreeing on any terms to get both of you married, they might separate from you and might agree to do that until the time when the situation would be otherwise because separating from your family will cause you unnecessary pain and suffering, conditions they can never see you bear.

A person who says they will be with you and indeed, provides you mental peace but cannot stand with you to fight for your rights or to defend your relationship with them and assure the whole world, through their actions, that they will be with you through thick and thin, it is not love, it is lust.


When You Are In Love

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