You are my good luck, my lucky charm, as they say. You don’t know this but I feel that you truly are. When I thought of you initially, I thought that you would be a normal boy who is not really concerned with their love interest’s growth or loss. You must have thought that I would have felt bad when you asked me to lose weight but I felt really good and this suggestion rather made me happy. I perceive it to be your method of portraying your care towards me and above all, I admire your honesty. I admire that you could have just let it be or rather lied but you chose to tell me that I am heavy. I felt happy because I realised through this suggestion of yours that I am lacking self-care and effort somewhere. It will be a part of the process of self-love journey that I am set on and will travel for the rest of my life. Also, it was an honor to know that you, who rarely talks to anybody, is comfortable enough with me to discuss health concerns. But before meeting you physically too, whenever I thought of our first meeting, it made me realise that I should focus on my health and I tried various methods to do so. I have developed a few good habits since then. 


I am talking to you since mid- October 2018. You might be surprised to know that since then, my blog site has actually started getting noticed and I have started feeling as if I am being constantly blessed with literary creativity and thinking and was actually noticed by some of my college teachers for the same. I don’t really portray my talents in college because I don’t resemble it to be my own therefore, getting noticed by not all but considerable amount of people there for my talents and thoughts was really a great thing for me. I can safely say, therefore, that your arrival made me flourish. Therefore, I can also say that you are my lucky charm. 

Lucky Charm

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