I am not awaiting this connection because I wish to acquire something or benefit from it but because I want to give. I want to give you what you deserve, not my all, because my share is reserved too but whatever you deserve to get, the treatment you deserve.


I want to shower you with love. I want you to know how I am mesmerised by your face, your innate beauty, your soul, your personality. I want to share all the happiness I possess and create more in your share.

I want to kiss your scars and admire your damage. I want to know why you are as you are now and who you were before all that changed you happened. I want to know your fears and live them with you and if in my capacity, eradicate their base. I want to know the circumstances which shaped your beliefs.

I am awaiting this connection to protect and provide to you like you are my baby. I will hug you so tight that all that is broken inside you will mend itself. I want to return those dreams to you which have now vanished from your unconscious completely. I want you to experience overflow of abundance. Most importantly, I want you to be truly yours first and then someone else’s. I await you with all the love, affection and care to shower on you for this lifetime. 


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