Love me like Darcy loves Elizabeth. Despite her pride and prejudice against his pride and straight rejection of his love and accusations she claimed to be bore by him, he loved her. But don’t be my Darcy. I am not your Elizabeth. Don’t be concerned about society and status. I don’t approve of you because I have taken a round across your Pemberley estate and I don’t really care if you don’t earn ten thousand pounds a year. I will not manage but be satisfied because our expenses would not be invested by your hard-earned money only. I will be your provider, not when you short of something but at all times, not just monetary but intellectual, psychological and spiritual too.


I don’t really care if some Bingley or the Bennets or Collinses or the Catherine de Bourghs don’t approve of you, your humility and society. I do and that is what matters. I don’t create prejudices against someone. My opinion about someone is the realest opinion I believe on. Though I am blind by affection, I keep my eyes, ears and mind open lest someone is pretentious. This affection can be directed towards you or my family or friends or well-wishers.

What really matters for me and this connection is what we think about each other. Family will leave me alone to deal with my circumstances once I achieve the age where I should act mature and take my own decisions (the age is determined by their understanding) and once they get me married. If we shall get married, we have to bear each other for this lifetime. I will be with you forever and seek and cherish this bond beyond everything. 

Beyond Everything

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