I have heard many people and read some of them advice other people in pain to avoid it and curb it by practicing things that they love. They suggest this purely out of love and concern but it is a false advice. I will not say that I think so but I believe it and affirm it. I have tried it a lot many times. My circumstances have been such that I had to, no matter what, face the situation and solve them on the instant relying on my abilities. For some of the problems, though, I ignored following my instinctive solution to the problem but avoided it for the moment thinking that the problem has met its end but it grows into another, and devastatingly bigger, problem. Therefore, I can affirm, that to any problem in this world, escapism is never the solution rather the cause of another problem growing out of the initial problem.


Suppose you have inflicted an injury while you were trying something new, for instance, riding a bicycle. If you do not acknowledge that you have fallen or smashed with something or somebody and that you are in pain and in risk of further damage and spreading infection to the others around you, would you consult a doctor for your treatment? No? Why? You know that the first step towards treatment is acceptance of being hurt. Suppose, for instance, instead of consulting the doctor, you avoid the pain and later it increases into something more painful (like a tumor), would you be capable enough of treatment then?

When escapism towards physical pain can result in a tumor, why would you escape from accepting your emotional pain? It doesn’t necessarily need to be a breakup in a relationship. It can also be loss of a family member or your pet or your friend, maybe by separation or by death. Unless you don’t accept that they have left your life, that their part in your story is over, how will you be able to deal with the pain? Smiling to show people that you are the happiest person on this Earth will make your situation worse. Ever heard of smiling depression?

Escapism in enhancing the society results from escapism portrayed towards our own heeling. When we are happy with ourselves, when we are growing, we wish the growth of all around us. Escapism not only ruins, therefore, just an individual’s but of all the people who belong to a society as a consequence. 

Escapism Ruins Lives

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