Everything is happening on time, just breathe. Don’t take so much stress. It will not help rather deteriorate your performance and situation at work and in personal life.


At times, rushing things ruin their blooming and beauty. Some things and situations should be left independent and should be allowed to unfold on their own. Just like we can teach a child how to walk but when he or she walks for the first time, we need to have faith on the baby. We should treat every small step we are taking in life as a baby. We should presume while moving towards our goal that we are a beginner at every level of accomplishment and think that we have a lot to learn and should cherish the journey of learning.

We should just breathe in a lot of vitality, positivity and freshness and clean up all the negativity off our minds and start afresh whenever and wherever we feel that we are stuck. Things will not happen faster because we wish them to. They will happen if we breathe in, think positively and act accordingly to manifest the results we desire. 



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