Narcissism is not overconfidence but manipulation of other’s thoughts to an extent where they start believe narcissist’s lie to be true. Narcissists never admit that they have done wrong to someone but would remember all the minute details of other person’s general behavior to later manipulate it and transform the information to their benefit. They are excellent at gaslighting because they fear the exposure of their own follies and are not courageous enough to ever accept them. Apology is a far cry. Narcissism is no form of self-love. 


Self-love is to respect yourself,  acknowledge your boundaries and try to follow them. It is to respect others’ thoughts while agreeing to disagree. It is to acknowledge our follies without which their correction is impossible. It is treating your happiness as a priority but not to generate happiness out of ill deeds of lie, manipulation and hurt inflicted on other people rather to embrace their individuality, acknowledge their human feelings and avoid inflicting pain instead reducing it. A person who loves themselves and feels complete in oneself can never make others feel any less than the best about their individuality. Self-love is the main source of all the purest of love shared all around. 


Narcissism v Self-Love

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