I am craving for you. My ears are craving to hear your voice and your presence in my daily routine. My eyes crave being stuck at your face which glows with your charisma. I crave your skin. I crave your build—tough enough to hold me together and gentle enough to embrace me within your arms. I crave the vibrations of your hand, the positive aura getting transferred to me. I crave your lips and the genuine words of love and concern uttered by them. 


I crave your cuteness and simplicity. I crave seeing a smile spread on your face and the hesitation of novelty and new love that was spread all over it. I crave the late night talks which we used to have before we met. I have not been able to stop thinking about you since we have started talking. Until we met, I was assured that like most of the online dating cases, I will not like you and vice versa would happen and we will depart with no attachments or attraction whatsoever but it is exactly the reverse of it happening to me. I crave our next meeting. 

I am waiting for our next meet eagerly yet cannot plan it so soon lest I seem desperate. Your extents of imagination would never be able to measure my nervousness and anticipation of our next meet and more than that, our meet for ever in this life with the due permission of our parents and love of our loved ones. I am craving this meet, the probabilities of wishes to increase so much as to make them true and our journey as partners forever. I crave you and me. 



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