Try to develop one good habit each day. Improve yourself daily. All this while, practice the habit of striving for better while loving yourself and treating yourself as a priority.


One day, develop a habit of drinking a lot of water, pure water without any additions everyday henceforth. It will remove all the toxins from your body and might even reduce the urge to consume the alcoholic beverages causing harm to your body and prevent overeating. It will purify your blood and hydrate and skin and body. It doesn’t have any disadvantage.

The next day, develop a habit to never settle for less than what you deserve. Do not compromise for a minute’s happiness. Take a risk. You are a warrior. Cut off whatever doesn’t serve you. It can be your job or the misbehavior of the people around you. If you think you have done nothing to deserve mistreatment, separate from whatever serves you otherwise on the plate. Better to be solitary and at peace than be in a bad company which gives you mental stress.

Hone all your skills to defeat your own goals and make new ones of higher levels once the old ones are purely defeated and the lessons are truly learnt and imbibed in life. Develop a habit to keep competing with yourself.

Another day, develop a habit of positive thinking. A mind that thinks good generates a body that does the best. What you think, you will manifest. Think positive, do positive and be happy with your deed. Do not expect, though, that since you do good to others, they will reciprocate the same. Do not live with false hopes and expectations.

Try to develop a habit to acknowledge and feel your emotions. Do not smile in pain. Cry, scratch, scream, shout but don’t keep it inside. Acknowledge that you are human and it is alright to feel not-so-good at times. Practice catharsis through whatever outlet that pleases you. Try to develop a habit to remind yourself that you are a human.


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