Turn into a baby again.

Roll over your torso.

When did we grow up?

What was the need to do so?


I know we did not have a choice

and had to grow up since we couldn’t do otherwise

but who told you to curb your inner voice

and your innate will to rejoice?


Why do we allow the stress

of the work that we choose to pursue

or have to do

grow over our heads

and later, search for a rescue?


When did we forget

to enjoy our own company? 

From when did we start to operate

within the society’s shallow boundaries? 


Why do we let ‘experience’

rule over our work and personality? 

Why don’t we think that, 

in everything around us, there is some novelty? 


Why do we bar an age

for education and learning? 

Why can’t we still consider

ourselves, in this matter, 

to still be a baby

and fill each page

of our lives’ diary

everyday with novelty? 



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