According to me, husband and wife are meant to be the true companions of each other. All other relations leave a person to handle the circumstances on their own except their wedded companions, sometimes by choice, at others by duty. Being companions means that they are a part of your being and you are a part of their. Therefore, you are each other’s partners. 


Both of them have to build a new stable home together. Each one lends a hand to collect and place various twigs together to make a home with a shed and a room to survive and together they have to sustain it as long as it can. A friend who lends a hand in need is a friend to walk hand-in-hand through the whole path of life. That makes both of you each other’s life partners. They provide you company in all good and bad, hence fulfilling the responsibility of being a true companion.

Husband should be the best friend of his wife and so the wife should maintain her relationship with her husband too. At all times, everything will not be 50-50 but you can at least try to give your best and yet if you lack somewhere despite all the efforts, fulfill the lack to make it to 100 percent. You can at least try to be the true companions of each other for a lifetime. 


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