What to do now?
I never did expect
to meet you
in this way.
Since I have returned after the meeting,
I can’t help
thinking about
where, when and how
will our next meeting happen.


I was not feeling any affection
due to our sudden meet
so I assumed that it was just attraction
which developed a physical heat
between both of us
which extinguished after
we met each other
but since the day after that my feelings have again developed
towards you, without any effort.

I still write about you.
My heart still has its moments
when it gets crazy over everything
that you possess in your mind, soul and body.
I crave another meeting with you
but I can’t do so right now
because everything is intense between us
and we are not yet in a relationship.
I am controlling my feelings somehow
because apart from that I can’t decipher
what to do now.

What to do now?


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