Whatever harms you or is not serving you in any way, just cut it out. Be it a situation or a person, if it is harming your mental peace, just subtly cut them off from your life.


It may be that passion as well that you believe is a passion since you have been adhering to it most of your life but now you are not able to keep pace with. If it is so, realise the fact, cut it out and release all of the duties off your shoulders which now serve only as a burden.

Cut it out and see yourself prosper. Don’t hold past emotions in new situations as a burden. It is just a practice of self-love, nothing more than that. Don’t hold on toxicity just because you are a nice person or too attached to them. Don’t fear that there will be no happiness or some lack in your life without. You cannot be alone until you stay true to yourself. In fact, if you have certain apprehension or pessimism toward yourself, cut that out too. 

Cut It Out

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