I might never tell you

but I think about you 24*7.

I believe in you

and that this match is made in heaven.


I desire to touch your soul before your body

and take you on a journey of euphoria.

I wish to see the expression of ecstasy

on your face covered with the emotions of hysteria.


I want to go back in time

and feel your love again

but I know it would be considered a crime

by my parents if it develops into a connection. 

I don’t want to see them in pain. 

We will only start a relation

with our parents’ happiness and permission. 


I can wait as much time as this would take to happen. 

I want to ensure the happiness of all. 

I still do believe that this match is made in heaven

but I don’t want my family

to be inflicted with 

any kind of hurt—big or small. 


They too need to agree 

with this connection 

between me and you. 

They too should have the satisfaction

that their child will be happy 

with a person like you. 


We will travel together on criss-cross paths.

We will walk into it with baby steps. 

We will build it by each one putting, one-by-one, various laths. 

In all senses, this relation will be blessed. 




Made in Heaven

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