Today, I am late for college. It is 10:30 am right now. Fortunately, I get a seat before the rush can actually start. After a few stations, a crowd bulges in as usual. I am busy on my phone and I don’t realize when the metro pass through another few stations.


As I lift my eyes to come back to the reality, my eyes rotate 180° and then I see a girl sitting right beside me who resembles my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s face. As I am trying to distinguish between both, my eyes strike the face of a child. By his attire and the guardian he is with, he appears to be a Muslim.

His big, black eyes glimmer. It has a shine of hope in it. His mouth is open in wonder as he looks outside at the metro station from inside. As the metro arrives at the changing station, he deboards the metro with his father (as it seems to be). He is beautiful.

He might be of any economic background, it doesn’t affect his beauty. Though he just walked out but there is an impact of his face or innocence or persona. I can’t judge his character as due to this crowd, I could not even go near him and converse. His beauty and his face reflected an imagnative mind. I believe, I can’t tell any more about him. I was, in this one second of witnessing him that just passed, completely mesmerized. 


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