I wrote my first blog one year before I started my blogsite. At that time and till the time my blogsite was made, I was unaware of the fact that my writings can be published by me whenever I  write them and I don’t have to wait to write their compilation to publish them as a book. 


One day, I just wrote the whole blog named ‘Competition With Myself’ in one sitting. I was just extremely impressed by my own writing. This was the first writing in English at that time that I was proud of writing. So proud that I wished to share it with as many readers in the world as I could reach but I couldn’t publish a book only with this one writing as its content. I surfed and came across the idea of blog but had no clue how to start. 

As I was wondering about its publishing, my brother walked into the room I was sitting in. He enquired about the cause of my worry. I told him the whole cause and situation. I asked him to help me. He sat beside me till I made my site. Then, I published my blog and a blogger came into existence as all of you can witness. My identity as a blogger came into existence because of my brother. 

Due to this platform, now I do not have to give a second thought before writing something for the purpose of publishing it. My art of writing has got its platform. My audience too is building steadily from across the globe. I am (maybe to a many people’s surprise) an accidental blogger. 

Accidental Blogger

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