I met a man who was in dire need of love.

He appeared to be harmful.

Everyone told me he has ill intentions.

Since he seemed untrustworthy and disloyal,

they warned me and asked me to be careful.


They said you have gone crazy in love

but I think that was not the case.

I was just practicing empathy

inhibited in my nature as its base.


So, I let him love me and he broke me into pieces.

Everyone said that he is a monster.

They reminded me that they had warned me of his deceit

and that it was my fault

that I gave him the love that I thought he deserved.


I moved ahead in my life without him

not with animosity but empathy and acceptance.

I met another man in dire need of love.

I took each step towards him with much reluctance.


Though I desire innocence

but he is engulfed in worldly ways.

He is trying to adhere to the notion

of love prevalent today.


My friends approve of him

and are more eager 

and excited to know him

than me. Even they believe he is better. 


Instead of any doubts 

that they might have held towards him, 

they tell me to improve myself

in all aspects 

to be the one that he deserves. 


He, in direct and indirect ways, 

keeps pushing me towards improvement. 

He constantly reassures his presence 

in my life but reminds me of my  fulfilment

as an individual human.


I met him and told him

that I desire childlike relationship. 

He asked me to become slim

and developed, with me, a good friendship.


When I told him how and when

and who did break me, 

he disapproved of any such conversation

and told me he is not interested

in knowing any such thing. 


We are both afraid 

and are taking fearful steps ahead. 

We are trying to work together 

with patience and understanding. 

We are not thinking much about the future 

but secretly trying to make it till forever. 



Love Diary

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