I have found a new love,
a new solace,
a new happiness in you.
I feel as being guided by the heaven above
to trod, with a slow pace,
on the path that leads to you.


It has given me new anxieties,
new set of sleepless nights,
new opportunities to explore my sexuality.
I practice none of the proprieties
and we have undergone a lot of fights
yet, with you, I can celebrate my individuality.

It has given me time to contemplate
about the various aspects of me
which tells how much love I hold inside me to share.
This connection is delicate,
no matter how comfortable with each other we might be,
it needs to be handled softly, with a lot of care.

I will do new things each day
so that this connection
can never be felt as to have become old.
I will try to cherish the gay
and melancholic emotions of our relation.
The fire between us will not let it turn cold.

New Love

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