No matter how much I talk to you, for me, it’s never enough. I spent so many moments with you yesterday, yet when I reached home I kept thinking about you and whatever you said to me. I was elated and relieved that we finally met four days before it would be six months since we had started talking last year. I feel like going back in yesterday and living that time.


I want to relive the sense of your soft skin, your touch, your aweful look which both of us didn’t like and the way I felt when I saw you. I was like ‘what is this?’. I did not sign up for this but it’s true that appearances are deceptive. Your genuinty in the whole first date struck me so much that for the whole day it felt like it was unreal and that I was living in a dream. 

But since the next day, I felt the constant urge to talk to you endlessly but I resisted it lest I fall in love with you. Till this day, I am living the essence of you. For me, time has stopped there and that moment that me and you shared and that whole day that is imprinted in my mind is like an endless movie of an endless journey. 


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