O Mother! Don’t say that

you will separate

and live apart

from any sign of this world.


Don’t talk of departure.

My heart aches from thumping

so loudly with fear

of losing you forever,

of losing all connections with you whatsoever.


For me, you are a child

who remembers all the mild

and grave comments and compliments

that people make in your regard.

When they discard

all of your perseverance.

You have a personality not beguiled.

By anything, you were never riled.


You are my strength,

my path bearer, 

don’t talk of separation,

to me, you are dearer 

than any other person. 


Do not talk about departure

in later or near future. 

With me, so much you have quarrelled

yet, for me, you are the purest soul in the world. 





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